Asbestos Floor Tile Removal

As with all asbestos containing materials, asbestos floor tiles are not considered harmful unless you decide to remove them. They then become dangerous as removing them can release dust or fibres into the air which can then be inhaled. Asbestos floor tile removal is no exception.

It is always recommended that you use an asbestos removal company rather than attempting to remove the floor tiles yourself as it is a much safer way and ensures that you and your family are kept safe. We are able to carry out asbestos testing to confirm is asbestos is present in your floor tiles where a small section will be removed and then securely sent off for analysis. If asbestos is present, we can then begin the process of removing the asbestos floor tiles.

Asbestos Fighters Ltd carry out asbestos floor tile removal in homes, businesses and schools throughout Hertfordshire, London, the South East and across the country.  

As with all the asbestos removal we carry out, our team are fully trained and always wear the correct workwear and use the correct equipment to ensure they asbestos materials are removed safely. We conform to the Health & Safety Executive guidelines from testing to see if asbestos is present, to the removal, transportation and disposal. Safety is paramount to us and we never cut corners.


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In order for us to provide you with a quote as soon as possible, please provide us with an Asbestos Survey, Photographs, Floor Plans, Pictures, Sample Results, Dimensions (if available).

Asbestos Fighters carry out a wide range of asbestos services which we are fully trained and able to carry out safely. Our 24 hour call out service means that your building project does not have to be delayed when you think you may have asbestos present – our emergency call out service gets the process of identifying it and removing it as quickly as possible.

Contact the Asbestos Fighters team today to see how we can help you with your asbestos floor tile removal and keep yourself and your family safe.

We have a testimonials page which you may wish to look at with comments from just some of our satisfied clients.

Take a look at some of the images below of some of the asbestos floor tile removal work we have undertaken recently.

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