Asbestos Removal London

Asbestos Fighters carry out Asbestos Removal London and nationwide. We are qualified to perform both licenced and un-licenced asbestos removal, depending upon the type of asbestos that is needed to be removed – this would be established when the asbestos testing process has taken place.

We are able to carry out our Asbestos Removal London in buildings such as offices, schools, factories etc and from items including but not exclusive to: pipe insulation; roofs, ceilings, mastic & linoleum removal, water tanks, dust, and sheds.

Once the asbestos has been removed, our clients can be confident that the asbestos will be disposed of safely and securely in the regulated way.

Due to the potentially devastating health risks should asbestos removal be conducted by an untrained party, the Asbestos Fighters team are fully trained and aware of how asbestos should be removed to ensure your other contractors are not affected by any harmful fibres. They are fully equipped with the correct workwear and tools necessary to ensure the job is carried out to the high standard our clients expect from us, as well as being efficient and discreet.

As with all our asbestos works, the removal is always conducted with the Health & Safety Executive recommendations in mind.

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