Asbestos Cement Removal

Cement containing asbestos is predominantly found in corrugated roofing on sheds, garages, and farms, as well as cement flues for boiler systems. It can also be found on sewer pipes where the asbestos was added to strengthen the material. Asbestos cement removal must be carried out safely and those removing it must wear the correct protective workwear.

The type of asbestos within the concrete will depend on whether or not it needs to be removed by a licensed contractor or not. Asbestos Fighters are qualified to complete both licensed and non-licensed asbestos removal works.

We have completed asbestos cement removal from homes and businesses throughout the country, including garage and shed roofs, drainage and water tanks in people’s lofts. We carried out asbestos testing before the works took place to ensure that it was done so with the correct equipment and workwear to ensure the safety of both our team and any members of the public. We have never and will never compromise on safety.

You may be aware that asbestos is extremely hard to detect and it is imperative that its removal is left to the experts. Asbestos Fighters provide a fast turnaround so any project you have underway when the presence of asbestos is suspected does not need to be delayed – our 24/7 emergency call out ensures this.


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If you have any concerns at all that there may be asbestos present in your property, contact the Asbestos Fighters team today and see how we can help you.

You can find out more about the rules regarding Asbestos cement removal from the Health & Safety Executive website.

Take a look at some of the images below of some of the asbestos floor tile removal work we have undertaken recently.

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