Asbestos Water Tank Removal

Asbestos can be found all over buildings throughout the country – in many places you would not expect and that can also include your water tank if it is installed in a home that was constructed pre-2000. If you are concerned that your water tank contains asbestos, you can have someone come out and assess it, and if necessary, carry out the asbestos water tank removal.

asbestos water tank removal in london asbestos fighters

Asbestos can be found in a wide variety of building materials from cement, adhesives, insulation materials, corrugated roofing and water tanks etc – it was mainly used as it was considered to be a high-caliber construction material, hence its use in many areas of construction.


Are you concerned that your water tank may contain asbestos?


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    In order for us to provide you with a quote as soon as possible, please provide us with an Asbestos Survey, Photographs, Floor Plans, Pictures, Sample Results, Dimensions (if available).

    If so, Asbestos Fighters can come and take a look and carry out the relevant tests to confirm whether it is present or not. If so, we can advise you on your options and if needed, carry out the asbestos water tank removal in a professional and safe way, ensuring minimum disruption and maximum safety to your family, home, business and colleagues. By employing an experienced and licensed company to carry out the removal, you have the peace of mind that you have put no one’s health in danger and your asbestos water tank will be disposed of safely and to the HSE standards and guidelines.

    The asbestos team have all the essential equipment and workwear to ensure the removal of any asbestos items in your home and business are removed in the safest way. Contact the Asbestos Fighters team today to see how we can help remove your asbestos water tank and give you the peace of mind you need.

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