About Asbestos Fighters

About Asbestos Fighters
Asbestos Fighters is owned and run by Rafal Karys who started Asbestos Fighters in 2012, following a successful building career. Through his building work, Rafal inevitably came across asbestos during some of his projects and was fully aware of the complications and the delays it could cause to the development if he were to use an unreliable company.

His experience in construction made him highly aware of what he wanted from an asbestos removal company and strives to provide a service to contractors that he would have wanted and expected himself.

What we do
Using his vast amount of experience, Rafal now provides the following services to the construction trade:

If you are looking to have your asbestos issues dealt with by a fully qualified and experienced team with the knowledge that the work will be completed discretely, professionally and efficiently, contact Asbestos Fighters today.

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