Asbestos Testing

Before we begin the removal of any asbestos, a member of our team will arrive at the site and then put on the correct protective wear, including suit, mask and boots, before safely removing a small sample of the area so that the asbestos testing can take place and it can be officially confirmed that asbestos is present.

The small section is removed by a highly trained member of the Asbestos Fighters team, then double bagged, secured and sent to a testing company for analysis. Once the analysis has taken place, the results will show us what, if any, specific asbestos is present which will define whether the work will need to be completed licenced or un-licenced.

Petri dish of asbestos Hertfordshire-based Asbesto Fighters

Asbestos Testing Analysis

The analysis can take up to five working days and once we have the results, we can co-ordinate our team to get the asbestos removed and disposed of quickly and efficiently so works can continue on your development without affecting your planned completion date. We provide an emergency call out where we will be at your site within 24 hours to get the process of removal moving as soon as possible.

All the asbestos testing we conduct is done so following Health & Safety Executive recommemndations.

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