Asbestos Roof Tile Removal Service

As with all areas of asbestos works, asbestos roof tile removal and asbestos roof slates removal needs to be undertaken safely and securely by qualified professionals.

Not all builders and roofers are aware of what tiles and slates could potentially contain asbestos, unless they have had Asbestos Awareness Training. At Asbestos Fighters, we would recommend that before work on your roof begins, then Asbestos Survey and Bulk Sampling Analysis is carried out.
Asbestos Roof Tile Removal Asbestos Fighters
It is always better to be safe than sorry and your asbestos roof tile removal is no exception. At Asbestos Fighters, we can test a small sample of the area – whilst wearing the correct protective wear, such as suit, masks and boots. Once we have the results of the testing, which can take up to five working days, we can recommend if your roof tiles need to be removed and disposed off by trained asbestos professionals.

When your asbestos roof tiles and slates have been removed, you can have your new roof tiles fitted knowing that no one’s safety and health has been put at risk.

Are you considering having roofing work done and want to be sure that your current roof tiles are asbestos-free? Contact us today and we can arrange to test an area of your roof before work begins.

Are you a roofer or builder who is unaware of what tile and slates could potentially contain asbestos? Perhaps you have just arrived at a home to quote for a roofing job and have suspicions that the tiles may contain asbestos – then contact Asbestos Fighters today and we will be able to help you by identifying if asbestos is present and get it removed swiftly and safely.

We have a testimonials page which you may wish to look at with comments from just some of our satisfied clients.

Do you think you may have asbestos in your home or business premises? Contact us today to see how Asbestos Fighters can help you. We provide our asbestos services throughout the UK to developers, businesses and homes.

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Case Studies

Cement Asbestos Water Tank Removal, Buckinghamshire

We were asked by a plumbing and heating specialist to remove an asbestos cement water tank for one of their customers.
We work with this company regularly - they care about the health and safety of their team and their clients - and they appreciate the quality of service they receive from us is consistent and we are reliable and get the job done quickly without delaying their own time frame.

Asbestos Insulation Board Removal & Disposal, Old Coulsdon, Croydon

We removed the Asbestos Insulation Boards fire break between the two properties loft spaces under fully controlled conditions. Due to the layout and dimensions of the property, the airlocks were located on the ground floor and connected to the enclosure on the landing by a tunnel. We designed the enclosure to be free standing as far as reasonably practical and was only connected to the property’s hatch, which meant we were able to undertake our works safely without causing any damage to the décor.
Work for the asbestos insulation board removal included:
1. Several site visits and meetings to decide on the best plan of action for all parties;
2. Undertook the risk assessment for all site hazards that would or could become issues during the removal;
3. Designed our enclosures and setups;
4. Produce the site-specific RAMs, site packs;
5. Allocated the Team, ordered the materials and plant and planned the mobilisation;
6. The team and the manager met on the first morning of the project and went through the whole programme during a site walk around;
7. Then the site was set up and the works were undertaken;
8. After the air testing, we installed a new fire barrier in the loft space between the two loft spaces.

Pipe Lagging Removal

We recently carried out asbestos pipe lagging removal at a private residence in Central London. As you can see from the images, we ensure that nothing was missed when it came to setting up safely and carrying out the works to ensure both our team and the family were safe throughout the process.

Asbestos Cement Shed Removal Watford

This recent asbestos cement shed removal job required the Asbestos Fighters team to remove and dispose of a small asbestos cement shed.
The solid shed was built over 30 years ago and was still standing. However our client didn’t enjoy a look of it in his garden and wanted it removed so he could replace it with something more modern.
Our team thrive on helping local communities deal with any asbestos related matters - no job is too small!
The guys were all very nice and cleared up after them very well.

Asbestos Roof Sheet Removal Testimonial

We would highly recomend.

Tina Patel

On request they responded very quickly and provided helpful advice...

Cristina Imbuzan

The attention to detail and care they take with the serious nature of their business is second to none.

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