Asbestos Disposal

Following the removal of the asbestos, it is imperative that the asbestos disposal is done so correctly and in accordance with the Health & Safety Executive’s safety regulations. If this is not completed correctly, it could have devastating consequences.

When you instruct Asbestos Fighters to remove and dispose of any asbestos in your development, you are safe in the knowledge that the job will be done safely and securely from the moment we begin taking a sample, to the moment the removed areas are finally disposed of fully.

Once removed, the asbestos is double-bagged in line with the current guidelines, and taken securely to the transfer station. It is important that this is done quickly and efficiently, as there is a certain time frame which we have to adhere to – the asbestos must be at the transfer station within 24 hours of it being removed. Once at the transfer station, we will be issued a certificate/consignment note stating how many packs we have removed from your project and the date and time – this evidence is then sent on to the client so they have the proof it has been dealt with properly.

As with any of the works Asbestos Fighters carry out, when we complete the asbestos disposal, safety and environmental guidelines are always of the forefront of what we do.

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