Asbestos Insulation Board Removal
Asbestos Insulation Board Removal & Disposal, Old Coulsdon, Croydon

Work carried out

Asbestos Insulation Board removal and disposal from a loft space in a heritage house at Teuton Farm in Old Coulsdon near Croydon, London. Our team removed and disposed of the asbestos safely and efficiently. We also notified the Health & Safety Executive 14 Days prior to the removal work.


Old Coulsdon

Type of Asbestos

Asbestos Insulation Board Removal

Project Description

We removed the Asbestos Insulation Boards fire break between the two properties loft spaces under fully controlled conditions. Due to the layout and dimensions of the property, the airlocks were located on the ground floor and connected to the enclosure on the landing by a tunnel. We designed the enclosure to be free standing as far as reasonably practical and was only connected to the property’s hatch, which meant we were able to undertake our works safely without causing any damage to the décor.
Work for the asbestos insulation board removal included:
1. Several site visits and meetings to decide on the best plan of action for all parties;
2. Undertook the risk assessment for all site hazards that would or could become issues during the removal;
3. Designed our enclosures and setups;
4. Produce the site-specific RAMs, site packs;
5. Allocated the Team, ordered the materials and plant and planned the mobilisation;
6. The team and the manager met on the first morning of the project and went through the whole programme during a site walk around;
7. Then the site was set up and the works were undertaken;
8. After the air testing, we installed a new fire barrier in the loft space between the two loft spaces.