Asbestos Soffit Removal
Asbestos Soffit Removal
Asbestos Soffits Removal – Bedfordshire

Work carried out

Pre-booked asbestos removal appointed by builders after asbestos survey



Type of Asbestos

Chrysotile Asbestos

Project Description

Asbestos Fighters were asked to carry out an asbestos survey on soffits on a residential property in Bedfordshire by builders who were undertaking extensive works on the property.

The survey took approximately half a day to complete and the results around five days to arrive. Once we had them and had confirmation that asbestos was, in fact, present in the soffits, the builders asked us to undertake the works to ensure that their deadlines were not disrupted.

The soffits removal and disposal took our team half a day to do and the builders were then free to continue their renovation works safely.