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Reasons why to use a fully qualified asbestos company

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Always choose a fully qualified asbestos company to deal with your asbestos

Asbestos is a dangerous substance, so it is wise to let the experts deal with it so you know it will be removed and disposed of safely and securely.

It is predicted that there will be 60,000 asbestos related deaths over the next 30 years and the substance still exists in most buildings which were built before 2000. There are 3000 new asbestos related illnesses identified each year and with no effective treatment available yet so it is vital that you do not attempt to tackle it yourself.

Some companies may offer asbestos services but it is imperative that the company you use is a fully qualified asbestos company, like Asbestos Removal so that you know that it is being dealt with in the recommended and safe way.

The Asbestos Fighters team can carry out an Asbestos Survey on your property and we can have your analysis with you in five working days. If asbestos is identified, our team are fully qualified to carry out your asbestos removal and can guarantee that your Asbestos Disposal will be completed in accordance with the Health & Safety Executive’s safety regulations.

Did you know we are fully qualified to carry out all your asebestos services?

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