It’s Friday, end of the week for most of the trades but not for us at Asbestos Fighters as we are still working days and nights which is good keeping our teams busy and uh what i want to ask you today just pick your brains up you know when you’ve got a issues in your house you know problems with electrics when your electrics fails what do you do or other question if your boiler fails what do you do you’re not dealing with that yourself you’re not playing with gas you don’t play with electrics do you most of you call you know electrician qualified or fully qualified cash engineer to get that sources uh you wouldn’t call butchers to do that would you because that would be really silly so when it comes to asbestos why so many people’s people are already city and rather than letting this job done by professionals who know what they do already in shoot and work the job safely they just decided to themselves they ask you i want to say if you quit could you just come and collect it and give us your certifications well sorry that doesn’t bloody work so that question you know would you call the professionals when you really needed to or you’d rather do it yourself to say if you quit because maybe you say a few quid but you can’t save your life because like for the electrics you know if they don’t work well with their executives and you may die same with cars if you play with cars if if there’s going to be too much condensation of gas it will blow you off actually sorry you know so when it comes with asbestos you may get cancer not straight away it takes time but eventually you will for for what sake anyway i wish you a very good weekend enjoy friday and stay safe thanks bye