Asbestos Floor Removal Bedfordshire
Asbestos Floor Removal Bedfordshire
Asbestos Insulation Board Removal – Haynes, Bedfordshire

Work carried out

Removal and disposal under Fully Controlled Condition (FCC) of Asbestos Insulation Boards (AIB)


Haynes, Bedfordshire

Type of Asbestos

Asbestos Insulation Boards (AIB) Removal

Project Description

We helped our client to remove and dispose asbestos safely and efficiently. This type of work was Notified to HSE – 14 Days Notification prior to removal work.

All process started from single site visit where we have assessed garage ceiling. Our client has had a leak through old roof, and re-roofing work could not be carried out without asbestos removal by fully licensed contractor. We took all measurements and we provided quotation on spot.

Upon acceptance, we start preparation of Plan of Work included full list of equipment and materials required to complete this project safely.

Once all paperwork was fully verified by another asbestos manager, we submitted ASB5 Notification to HSE and we placed the order with our suppliers.

One day before work started, we came to site with a supervisor and one of our operatives to walk through the project and to take deliveries from our suppliers.

Job started on Saturday and was fully completed by Sunday 4PM.