Asbestos Corrugated Sheet Removal Fulham
Asbestos Corrugated Sheet Removal Fulham
Asbestos Garage Roof Removal – South West London

Work carried out

Removal garage roof tiles and corrugated sheets.


South West London

Type of Asbestos

Chrysotile Asbestos

Project Description

The removal and disposal of the roof slates and corrugated sheets from the garage wall which both contained asbestos were part of enabling works we completed in South West London. After our initial asbestos survey, the actual garage roof was found to not contain any asbestos so the works could be completed without having to remove it. We were pleased to be able to give our clients this news and, as always, provide honest advice and on-site surveys. This shows the importance of carrying out an asbestos survey as they can show that some works are unnecessary.

These chrysotile asbestos removal works were quite last minute but we were able to accommodate them on a Saturday and were completed in one day.