Asbestos Corrugated Shed Removal St Albans
Asbestos Corrugated Shed Removal St Albans
Asbestos Shed removal – St. Albans, Hertfordshire

Work carried out

Corrugated asbestos sheet shed removal and disposal.


St. Albans, Hertfordshire

Type of Asbestos

Chrysotile Asbestos

Project Description

We carried out the disposal and removal of this garden shed in St. Albans after it was found to contain chrysotile asbestos.

The job was pre-booked through the client's architect who was planning the home-owners major renovation works and needed a company he could trust so ensure the job was completed properly and didn't delay the rest of the works.

The job included the removal and disposal of the corrugated shed as well as clearing the site where it was located.