buried asbestos cement sheet

We were called to a recent building project as when work had begun, asbestos cement sheets were found buried in the ground!

Our question was, “Why? How much money had they saved by illegally removing and burying these asbestos containing garage sheets?” The honest answer to this would be – worst case scenario – up to £1k!

When our client came across this issue, what was the outcome?
1. Stress to begin with
2. Extra costs
3. Project delays
4. Downtime for builders

Take a look at the asbestos cement sheets video below to see exactly what our client came across!

Our emergency call out means that asbestos can be identified quickly and efficiently and then removed and disposed of safely and without very little disruption to your project.

Our recommendations when you are taking on a new DIY project?
1. Don’t DIY asbestos work;
2, Leave asbestos work to the professionals.

If you have concerns about asbestos in your property, contact our expert team today! We are able to remove and dispose of asbestos in your home, garden and business premises and are qualified to carry out both licensed and un-licensed works.

Take a look at the asbestos services we offer. All the asbestos works we undertake are done so with HSE Guidelines at the forefront of everything we do.